The Crafters Bash

Ever fancied holding a crafters bash but didn’t know how to go about it? Here are our tips for putting on your very own crafters bash.

Think of a number

You need to decide how many people you will invite. This will determine a lot. But remember, the more people who come, the more hard work it will be to organise, and the bigger the space you’ll need.

Put the idea out there

Put the idea out there first. Will there be enough interested people to make it worthwhile doing? If it’s only going to end up being you and your best mate, it’s better to find this out before you hire the village hall!

Find a venue

If you’re only holding a small event, you could have it in your own home, but for larger groups, it might be best to hire a room for the day. Once you’ve found your room, you need to make sure there are enough chairs and tables. Most hired rooms will have sufficient, but if you’re in your own home, you may need to borrow some.

What will you make?

It’s fun to have a set project to work on. So come up with a novel idea. Printing a t-shirt, making birthday cards, or sewing a pair of underwear. Whatever you do, you need to ensure you have sufficient supplies. Will you send your invitees a list of what to bring? Or will you charge a fee to come to the crafters bash and then provide everything?

Don’t forget the refreshments

All your crafters will spend as much time chatting as they do crafting, and nothing goes better with a chat than a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit. So make sure you have plenty. If you’re using a hired room, you may need to sort out refreshments in advance. For mid day, you won’t need a sit down meal, but a small buffet will be welcome. Make sure you also cater for vegetarians, or ask in advance if anyone has any special dietary requirements.

Have fun!

Finally, try not to stress out when you’re organising a crafters bash. Have a great time and don’t worry that everything isn’t going to be absolutely perfect. If it goes well, then you can hold another one and make it even better!