How to make Hawaiian leis

Keeping a bunch of kids entertained at a birthday party can be quite a lot of effort sometimes! You can always hire an entertainer such as a magician or a musician, or take them out to a soft play centre or to the cinema, but these type of events can cost a lot of money!

A cheap way to keep them occupied is to get them involved in a craft project together. Throw a Hawaiian themed party and the kids can all make their own leis to wear for the rest of the party. Of course even adults love leis so you could make a bunch of these to hand out to your guests when you throw a luau! For those that forgot to wear their Hawaiian shirt, or didn’t feel like getting into the spirit, this will certainly make everyone look the part.

To make the Hawaiian Leis you will need:

Thick card in a variety of colours, of themed to match your other decorations.

A hole punch
A large flower punch
Drinking straws
Thick string

How to make the Hawaiian Leis:

Cut the straws into sections one inch long.
Punch out lots of flowers from the card.
Make a hole in the middle of each flower with the hole punch.
Cut the string into a decent length to hang around the neck very loosely.
Thread the straws and the flowers onto the string. One straw, then one flower, then repeat.
Tie the ends of the strong securely together.

Setting the scene for a Hawaiian Party

There are loads of ways you can turn your own home or garden in a tropical Hawaiian paradise. For an adult party, tiki torches are beautiful. For kids, you can get fake ones that take batteries. Cardboard cut out palm trees and some inflatable parrots will always got down a storm. A limbo game is easy to set up, just use a garden cane. Have some grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts ready to hand out, to ensure everyone is perfectly dressed for the occasion. Serve up tropical fruit and pina colada cocktails, or mocktails for the kids.