Making a birdseed ornament

Birds are fascinating to watch, so it’s great to attract them to your garden. This is such a fun project for kids to get involved with. There’s a huge feeling of satisfaction to be had when you see the birds eating your creations!

This ‘recipe’ is incredibly easy to make, so even the youngest of children can really feel as if they’re making them all by themselves.

The clever thing about these is that you make them in a bundt tin. This means you will have a ready made hole in the middle to hang them up with!

To make six bird seed hanging ornaments you will need:

A bundt tin
Four cups of bird seed
1 pack of gelatin
a cup of flour
3 tablespoons of corn syrup
half a cup of warm water
some non-stick spray

How to make the bird seed hanging ornaments

First, mix together the gelatin and the water.
Stir in the flour and the corn syrup and whisk up the mixture until it is well combined.
Next stir in the bird seed. Make sure it is well distributed within the gelatin mixture.
Get your bundt tin and spray it with your non-stick spray.
Divide your bird seed mixture between each of the six moulds and press it firmly into place.
You’ll now need to leave them to set for quite a few hours. Be patient, if you take them out too early they will simply fall apart. It’s best to leave them for 24 hours to make sure they are completely dry and set solid.
When they are totally dry, you can can remove the ornaments from the tin.
The next step is to simply tie a piece of ribbon loosely through the hole, into a loop, making sure you have enough length on it to hang easily where you want it. On a tree branch perhaps?

Finally, hang your bird seed treat ornaments in sheltered position, preferably out of the rain as the rain can dissolve them. It’s also a nice idea to position them where you’ll be able to see them from indoors, from the window, so you can watch the birds as they enjoy the delicious treat you have made for them!