About My Paper Pinwheel

Here at The Paper Pinwheel, we like to offer you ways to help make your life more fun and make it easier too! We focus mainly of crafts but we do offer you some great recipes also. From making unique items for your home, or to give as gifts, to some perfect ideas to make your party go with a bang. You’ll find it all here.

Simplicity is our buzz word

All these things, crafts, baking, party planning, they take up a lot of your time. Or they can, unless you know the secret ways to be a domestic goddess and a great DIYer or crafter, without having to spend all your spare time on it. We love to bring you craft ideas and recipes that take just a few minutes to complete. Some of our projects are lengthier, but many of them are great ways to create something brilliant really quickly. Not all of us have the luxury of lots of free time, most of us have work, kids, a home to look after, but nearly all of us can find five minutes to take time out to enjoy ourselves with our crafting hobbies.

Saving money too

We also like to bring you ideas that won’t cost you a fortune in equipment, craft supplies or ingredients. We bring you ideas for reusing your old junk, or things you can make cheaply with items bought from thrift stores and yard sales.

Sharing great ideas is half the fun

We love to bring you inspiration, and we hope you will share your own ideas. This is not an official website. We are not affiliated with any craft magazines or stores. We just want you to have fun, to inspire you to create, and to offer you some easy ways to do this. We like to pick out some of the most simple ideas that really work, that are tried and tested and declared uncomplicated!

Getting together

We encourage you to get together with other people who share your love of creativity. Get together in real life, or on the Internet. Sharing tips, and feedback on other people’s creations can really help with your own projects.