DIY: Egg Carton Gift Box Idea


Ah, packaging is my weakness! I have always loved paper and packaging items and it is so fun to put together a unique package for gifting. I  try and find unique boxes and various things that I can use to package items and this time, I went with some mini egg cartons I picked up from Sweet Shop Lulu. I never have a game plan in mind when I get ready to package a gift, I look around and see what items I can work with that I already have. Lately one of the items I been using is the Wrap It Paper from Hazel and Ruby. It comes in a roll with several sheets and I can use them for so many different reasons.


To add a little definition to my package, I decided to use some yarn and braid them. It is just like when you use to make friendship bracelets as a child but instead I used yarn. 007014015I then used some extra paper and punched out a flag shape and embellished with a gold glitter sticker and layered it over some glitter paper cardstock. Super easy and extra cute! There is never a right or wrong way to package a gift, it’s definitely the thought that counts!

And, the winner of the May Designs giveaway is Carla of Pint Of Ice Cream! Congratulations! A email is headed your way!

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