Gift Wrapping Ideas

There are so many great ways you can repurpose old and unwanted items in your gift wrapping. Turn the outside of the gift into a work of art! Here are some fantastic ideas for using alternatives to gift wrapping. It will save you money, you’ll have fun, you’ll be recycling and you’ll also be creating wrapping fit for a king, or a queen, or a princess!

Next time you have a clear out, or are browsing in the thrift shop, take a moment to think about how things could be reused as amazing gift wrap!

DIY Egg Carton Gift Wrap

An egg box makes a really cool gift box for smaller items. Tie the box up with ribbons, wrapped around each segment and you’ve got some really unique. What is really fun, is to put the main present, perhaps a piece of jewellery, in one of the segments, and fill all the others up with chocolate eggs!

Old maps and atlases

Don’t throw away that old road map that’s out of date. Use it for wrapping paper. Wouldn’t it be great to wrap a gift up with a page that features an important place that is close to the heart of the recipient? Perhaps the town of their birth, or a journey you went on together?

Reuse beautiful fabrics

Any fabrics can easily be turned into unusual and beautiful gift wrapping. Cut the fabric in a square, if it isn’t already, simply place the gift in the middle of the square and tie up the opposite corners. So simple, it make gift wrapping even easier!

Check out old books

Old books, are great for using to wrap small gifts. Perfect for wrapping… a book! Vintage books can be bought so cheaply, and look out for old books that are damaged. That doesn’t matter to you, you’ll be taking it apart, but other people won’t want the torn book, so you can pick it up for a song. You’ll also easily find books of sheet music. Or maybe print some out if you can’t find any. The perfect gift wrap for any music lover. Use it to wrap up a CD!