5 minute summer wreath

Making a wreath for summer is so easy. It can literally take you five minutes. As it’s so easy, you can change your wreath regularly. Make sure you tie on your additions and decorations and you don’t even have to splash out and buy a new wreath. Just revamp your old one!

What you need to make a summer wreath

Firstly you need the wreath itself. A plain twig wreath can be bought very inexpensively from a wide range of discount stores, and will be perfect for the job. Or, if you’re particularly thrifty, you may have a Christmas wreath that you no longer want to use. Perhaps it is looking a little tired. Take a good look at it, Can you remove the festive decorations and use it as a base for your new summer wreath? Additionally, look out for festive wreaths in the sales after Christmas is over. They are often sold off cheaply. People simply don’t want to buy a wreath in January and store it all year for the next Christmas, so you can often pick up a bargain. I’ve seen some gorgeous white wicker wreaths very highly discounted after Christmas. Add some chicks and daffodils and you’ve got the perfect Easter wreath for your door. Of course you could also make your own wicker or twig wreath, but that would take you more than five minutes!

The next thing you need are your decorations. Raid your craft supplies and see what you can find. Ribbons and artificial flowers work very well, but use your imagination and you’ll create something truly unique.

Making your summer wreath

Now it’s time to decorate your wreath and make it look summery. Ribbon in yellow or orange wrapped around the wreath and simply tied off at the back where it won’t show will take literally seconds, but look stunning. Artificial flowers will never wilt, and will bring a wonderful look of summer beauty to your wreath. Secure them with ribbon, or a carefully hidden bobby pin or safety pin.

Display your summer wreath with pride

You’ll be the envy of your neighbour once you display your 5 minute summer wreath on your front door. You may not want to share your secret of just how easy it was to make though!