Easter Egg Hunt Party

Kids love to hunt for Easter Eggs. It’s so much more fun to organise an egg hunt at Easter than simply to hand out the eggs! You’ll find even the older kids who think they’re too cool to hunt for eggs will soon get involved. I first started holding Easter Egg Hunt parties after seeing the idea in Baby Lifestyle Magazine and it’s been a huge hit with the kids.

How to have an egg hunt party

It all sounds so simple, just hide some eggs and let the kids find them right? Well, as I’ve discovered, you do need to do some planning!

Choosing your eggs

Make sure your eggs are easy to spot, especially if you have very young children. If they are in dark coloured wrappers, they could be left in your garden until next Easter! You really don’t want your kids eating chocolate they’ve found in the garden weeks after Easter! If the egg wrappers are dark in colour then get some tin foil and wrap them up again.

It’s more fun to go for lots of little eggs rather than one large egg per person. This makes the Easter egg hunt party last longer and it allows each child to gather a collection of eggs. Give each child a small plastic bucket to put their eggs in.

Only hide eggs outdoors if you’re sure of the weather

You really don’t want to spend ages hiding eggs all over the garden only to have a downpour. But on the flip side, if it gets too hot, all your eggs could melt! If you do risk an outdoor egg hunt, one good tip is to make yourself a map of all the egg locations. This has several benefits. You can check that all the eggs have actually been found when the party is over. You can find them fast if you need to bring them indoors, and it also means that you can give clues to the littler ones if they are struggling to find the eggs.

Keep pets out of the way when you’ve hidden the eggs

It’s really important to ensure that you don’t allow your pets to ‘find’ the eggs! Not only will it totally ruin your egg hunt party, but chocolate is also toxic to pets and could make them very sick if they find and eat your eggs.