Make chick push up pops for Easter

Chicks are adorable, and these cute chick push pops are bound to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Hand these out at Easter for a fun twist on the usual chocolate egg. They’re not hard to make, you can even get the kids involved in making them for themselves.

What you’ll need to make the chick push pops

For this project you’ll need a blank, empty, transparent push up pop. One per chick you wish you make. So that’s one person.

You’ll also need a pack of stick on eyes. We think the googly ones are the most fun, but ordinary sticker eyes will also do the trick.

Some yellow and orange felt or card.

Some yellow feathers.

Some yellow sweets or chocolates in yellow wrappers.

How to make the chick push up pops

Stick two eyes to each push up pop, about a third of the way down from the base of the push pop lid.

From the yellow card or felt, cut out wing shapes and stick them to the sides of the push pop, about halfway down the push pop container.

Next, cut out a cute triangular beak from the orange card and stick this on in the middle of the push pop.

The next step is to glue on the feathers. Just one simple feather on the top is nice, perhaps another on the back as a little feathery tail, or perhaps you want to go feather crazy and cover your push pop in chick yellow feathers. The choice is yours!

The final step is to fill your push up pop with sweets. When you fill the push pop with yellow sweets, your chick truly comes to life. It’s good to have plenty of extra yellow sweets ready to give out refills so the kids can enjoy your chick push pops for longer. Or, if you’re feeling a little silly, get some green sweets for alien bird push pops! I bet you can think of some great ideas for making push pops for Halloween now can’t you?

Fun for Easter, or just for any occasion, making your own push pops is simple and enjoyable.