Make your own ombre cake stand

The ombre look is so popular at the moment, from dresses to hair, ombre is in. When it comes to party season, what could be more fun than an ombre cake stand to display a birthday cake or a selection of cupcakes. This cake stand looks as appealing when it’s empty as when it’s covered in delicious cakes! Like our sour cream container tutorial, this project is also quick to complete and the results are truly stunning.

What you need to make an ombre cake stand

An unfinished cake stand. You can get these pretty cheaply from Michaels or from various online and high street retailers.

Three different colours of paint. It’s important that the colours are very similar. So if there is a shade selector chart in the shop, pick out three colours that are next to each other, three different shades of the same colour.

Foam paint brushes. These are pretty inexpensive so to save yourself a lot of time, get three nice new clean brushes, then you’ll have the job completed in no time.

How to make the ombre cake stand

Measure across the diameter of the cake stand and divide the number into three. Then, with a ruler and pencil, mark off two feint lines, equally spaced across the cake stand. This gives you the three segments ready for painting.

Now, working from one side to the other, paint each section with the paints you chose. Remember to have the lightest colour at one end, the darkest at the other, and the medium shade in the middle.

Next is the base. This will look amazing in any of the three shades you’ve chosen, or, if you’re going to be using this cake stand for a truly special occasion, how about adding that extra level of extravagance by painting the stand gold or silver?

The perfect gift

This ombre cake stand is so easy to make, you’ll want to make lots, but of course, there are only so many cake stands one person needs! So a great thing to do is to make them for other people as a present. Imagine turning up at someone’s home with a gorgeous cake on a stand, then after you’ve eaten the cake, they get to keep the beautiful hand crafted ombre cake stand!